Emetophobia cured

Stephen came to see Ali in early 2014 with a fear of being sick. This phobia controlled his life in many ways; being constantly anxious about picking up germs, not feeling comfortable eating some foods, avoiding anyone that looked remotely ill and having very low self-esteem. In general Stephen felt anxious virtually every moment of every day, which is normally the case for people suffering with emetophobia. Stephen had also never learnt to swim – he didn’t have the confidence, but it was something he always wanted to do.

Ali took Stephen through the Cure your Emetophobia and Thrive Programme which is specifically designed for this phobia. Stephen learnt how through his beliefs and thinking he was generating anxiety. And with this and all the knowledge he gained he realised that if he was generating it then he could change and stop it. It takes a great deal of effort to change habits someone has held for many years; however, it is possible when an individual realises they can be empowered to do so, and the more effort you put in the quicker the change.

Stephen improved dramatically over the couple of months he was being coached by Ali, overcame emetophobia and even took up swimming lessons and this was his testimonial once he finished the programme.

Here is Stephen’s testimonial after he completed the programme at Thrive with Ali

Whilst searching the Internet for books for help with Emetophobia I came across the Rob Kelly Thrive self-help program. I was more than a little sceptical at first, thinking it would be just another one of those ‘self-help’ cure all books, but I was willing to give it a try, what did I have to lose?
So I downloaded the electronic version onto my Kindle and started to work through it. After a couple of weeks I noticed some changes in my behaviour and began to understand myself more. I’d also searched the Internet for more information regarding the Thrive program and it success rates. The general opinion was to work through the program with a trained Thrive consultant. I contacted Alison and arranged an appointment.
Alison made me feel at ease and it felt easy to be open and honest with her without fear of being judged. Working through the Thrive program with Alison has made me realise just how negative I’d been thinking and how low my confidence and self-esteem were.
I cannot thank Alison enough for her guidance and encouragement. I would say to anyone who is suffering, please, please give this a try. It really does give you the foundations to take back control
— Stephen, Nottingham

Over 3 ½ years later Stephen is still thriving and has provided this update:

Hello Alison,
It’s really good to hear from you.
I’m doing really well thanks. Mentally, I’m in a completely different place now and I feel much more positive. Although there have been a few blips along the way I keep referring back to the book and the techniques to keep me on track.
You remember I started adult swimming lessons around the time I completed the Thrive program? Well I’m pleased to say that over 3 years later I’m still swimming at least once a week and have gone on to complete a number of Triathlons and 10k runs.

As you can see Stephen is completely over his emetophobia and is thriving in many other aspects of this life. Having completed the programme he had the confidence to take up swimming - something he was too fearful to do previously. Now he is challenging himself in many ways and loving it, instead of being petrified.

This is the power of the Cure your Emetophobia and Thrive Programme.

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