What is The Thrive Programme and how does it differ from therapy?

What is The Thrive Programme®?

The Thrive Programme® is a comprehensive psychological training course that allows people to overcome any mental health issues and learn to thrive in life.

It is particularly good for completely overcoming:

The Thrive Programme® is about Thriving and overcoming symptoms is just a part of that.

It is about creating strong psychological foundations i.e.

  • strong self-esteem

  • social confidence

  • a sense of power and control, including coping skills

All of which are paramount to providing stability and resilience, so that individuals do not create anxiety.

This provides you with permanent resolution to ALL symptoms and unhelpful thinking, not just a short-term fix or mending a specific symptom.



The programme is evidence based, easy and empowering:

Evidence based practice means that The Thrive Programme® was developed – and continues to be updated – based on the very latest research studies into mental health and other associated subjects.

Although many other training courses and techniques do focus upon some similar concepts to Thrive, most don’t go into the same in-depth detail of the underlying fundamentals. Nor do they integrate the knowledge in such a comprehensive manner. It is because Thrive Programme® clients are helped to attain a very high degree of self-awareness, that they are able to clearly see what they need to do in order to ‘get better’. This is also why they are then also willing to put in as much effort as is required.


Is The Thrive Programme® like therapy?

This is not therapy, it’s not like CBT, NLP or psychotherapy, instead it is a training programme. It is different to therapy because it is not about someone else doing something for you, or to you, but about YOU taking control of your life. It is so much more empowering to take control of your own problems, rather than someone else resolving them for you.

Thrive doesn’t just focus upon giving a person some isolated insights, tools and techniques to cope with a symptom or problem. This tends to be the approach of CBT or other therapies. These approaches are ‘fire-fighting’ – trying to control or reduce the anxiety AFTER we have already created it by our thinking.  Instead, The Thrive Programme® provides a cure for whatever symptoms are being exhibited but also any underlying issues.


Short term and fixed cost treatment

The Thrive Programme® is a fixed cost to get you thriving. It is also short term and normally only takes 6-8 sessions. This differs to therapies, where you often do not know how many sessions you may need and often the process can be lengthy.

If you put the effort in (and that’s the commitment needed from you), then it is guaranteed to benefit you and resolve your symptoms. The only people who do not improve are those who do not put the effort it.


How does The Thrive Programme® differ from therapy/psychotherapy?

Therapy tends to involve reviewing past experiences or your childhood to try to determine where the problems reside. This can be both traumatic and emotional and certainly not something to look forward to or enjoy.

Therapies also tend to have unpredictable outcomes – there is no guarantee that you will resolve your problem. In addition, many therapies can be lengthy, ongoing for months or even years.

The Thrive Programme® does not focus on unravelling difficult past experiences nor does it require you to relive emotional events.  Instead it focuses on teaching you how are you are creating your anxieties/symptoms and gives you full understanding as to how to overcome that and thrive. HOW you think about things, rather than WHAT you are thinking about.

How does it differ from hypnotherapy?

People often turn to hypnotherapy because they “want to be fixed” or “have something done to them” to resolve their problems. Hypnosis can indeed be effective for minor symptoms or limiting beliefs. In this case, suggestion hypnosis may well be all that person needs to get over that blip in their life.

However, ALL our symptoms, whether it’s depression, anxiety, phobias, OCD, insomnia are the direct result of our THINKING. Therefore, in order to permanently overcome a symptom, the most empowering thing we can do is understand and address the thinking that caused it in the first place. Hypnosis may well change our thinking about a certain issue, but without the substance or foundation to support the new thinking/beliefs we run the risk of quickly undoing the hypnosis suggestions by reverting to old ways of thinking.

The aim of hypnosis is to suggest away symptoms. However, symptoms are only the END RESULT of other issues – whether it’s issues with our self-esteem, social anxiety or feeling out of control. Therefore, unless these primary issues are addressed, many positive results of hypnotherapy are unlikely to be permanent.

Unfortunately results achieved from hypnotherapy can be unpredictable and do not tend to provide individuals with understanding or empowerment.

How does it differ from counselling?

Counselling can be beneficial by allowing a client to off-load or talk through a problem. This is particularly useful if that person is unable to talk to friends or family. However, the disadvantage of counselling can be that you may find yourself going over old ground, dredging up past hurts and experiences and bringing those pains to the surface but with no resolution or change of perspective.

This is particularly the case with counselling that is focussed on discussing people’s childhoods. Very often, when people feel unhappy with themselves or their lives in the here and now, they feel powerless to change themselves, their behaviour or their circumstances. They hope that by resolving past issues it will help their present day problems. However, going back to the past is rarely the answer. You may gain more insight into why you behave as you do….although it doesn’t necessarily mean that you feel empowered enough to overcome problems or change your life now.

Is The Thrive Programme® like NLP or CBT?

The Thrive Programme® is entirely different to techniques such as NLP or CBT, even if on the surface they may sound similar.

The Thrive Programme® is about Thriving as well as changing all limiting beliefs and overcoming symptoms is just a part of that. It is about creating strong psychological foundations (e.g. good self-esteem) so that we are not creating anxiety. You don’t need to fire-fight if you are not setting fires in the first place!

The Thrive Programme® is a comprehensive training course, which provides people with unique self-insights. This enables them to develop the beliefs, resources and motivation to build resilience and make positive changes across all areas of their lives. It is of limited value teaching you ‘positive thinking’, CBT or NLP techniques unless you understand the component parts of your thinking and beliefs that continue to create the anxiety. If you are not able to understand or alter the driving forces behind your symptoms, it can feel as though you are ‘treading water’ trying to fend off negative thoughts.

How long does it take to overcome symptoms?

Normally individuals can complete the programme in 6-8 weeks. It is possible to be thriving within this short period of time if you throw yourself into it, focus on it every day and do all the exercises needed. It takes persistent and continuous effort.

You need to undertake the WHOLE programme – you cannot pick individual elements and expect to get the same results as someone completing the whole programme.


The good news is that within 6-8 weeks you can completely transform your thinking, how you feel and what you are capable of in life, aswell as overcome all your symptoms.