Mental wellbeing in employees and thriving

It was a pleasure presenting at The Heartlands Network meeting this month. Our interactive session involved the audience identifying the qualities and competencies of a thriving person at work.

Research on mental wellbeing and physical health

Photo by Anthony Greenwood Photography

Photo by Anthony Greenwood Photography

I also discussed research that demonstrates how important mental wellbeing is with regard to physical health. One example was a 17 year follow up study in 2000 middle aged men. It was concluded that those with depression were TWO times more likely to get cancer!! So the way you think affects how well your body performs.

Symptoms of mental health problems at work

Some of the symptoms of people suffering with mental health at work are:

•Absenteeism due to stress or illness

•Lower performance

•Poorer engagement and motivation

•Lower job satisfaction

•Less commitment

•Anxiety, negativity & avoidance

•Diffusion of responsibility

•Dependence on others

•Overweight, smoker, drinker

This can lead to staff presenteeism, staff leavism (taking leave when they are actually ill), frequent sick days and the potential to lead to long term sickness.

Qualities of a thriving person at work

•Takes on challenges

•Keeps perspective

•Positive outlook and language

•Confident in any situation

•Socially confident


•Efficient and high productivity

•Rarely ill

If you would like me to present at a lunchtime session or networking event then please get in touch.

Photos by Anthony Greenwood Photography