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I have helped many overcome depression permanently. I am based in Falmouth and welcome enquiries from Truro, St. Austell, Newquay and Exeter.

Depression can seem like a black cloud hanging over your head from as soon as you wake up in the morning to when you go to bed at night. Infact, even going to bed may not be great either because you probably find that you lie there awake for hours worrying and mulling things over! If you have depession you probably don’t feel that you are as capable or good as others and you could be thinking something along the lines of “Well what’s the point, I’ll (or it’ll) probably be rubbish anyway”.

How depression affects your life:

When people get depression they can find themselves limiting the things they do in life. This can be either through lack of belief that they can do it, or because they believe that it won’t be any good. Depression and anxiety can also occur together. This is mainly due to the feeling that they are not good enough, not able to cope or fear being judged by others.

When you feel this low then you may feel completely helpless and unable to see a way out.

Common signs and symptoms of depression and negative thinkingherapy

Effective treatment for depression
  • insomnia

  • self blame

  • lack of motivation

  • lack of energy

  • anxiety

  • obsessive thoughts/constant brooding

  • constant negative thoughts

  • being tearful

  • lack of self confidence

  • feeling irritable

  • not feeling capable/able to do things that you previously felt confident in

  • finding it hard to concentrate

  • constantly thinking about what could go wrong or what has gone wrong

See this article from BBC News identifying that self blame and brooding too much on negative events is the biggest predictor of depression and anxiety.

Will depression go away?

Yes, The Thrive Programme can be a permanent and complete  resolution to depression. Depression is actually one of the simpler symptons to overcome, especially once you understand how you are creating the negative thinking. It is simple and quick. I will teach you how to change your unhelpful thinking and key beliefs which are causing depression. You will learn how to be powerful and believe that you CAN get out of the hole you are i. You will feel happier, positive and enjoy life again. When you are thinking positively you are happy, in control and feel powerful.

After dealing with many years of criticism, I was unwilling to stand up for myself and felt like my life was pretty much pointless; I felt depressed and very low. Alison was an exemplary guide to the Thrive programme and an excellent listener. During the programme I noticed an improvement in how I felt about myself and started managing my thinking. After the programme I felt a whole lot better about myself and felt like I was in control of how I felt again. Alison made the difference to the success of this programme for me.
— Chris

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