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You can resolve your eating disorders, such as, anorexia and bulimia with The Thrive Programme at Thrive with Ali covering South West Cornwall, Falmouth and Truro.

As seen in this Guardian article, eating disorders are not always obvious and it's not always the emaciated figures that indicate it's going on......

What is anorexia?

Anorexia nervosa (known as anorexia) is an eating disorder where the sufferer excessively controls what they eat and how much exercise they do. Sufferers have a distorted belief and body image, so no matter what evidence is put before them to demonstrate or prove that they are underweight, they still have the drive to control this aspect of their life. For example standing in front of a mirror and seeing bones sticking out or standing on scales and seeing that they are only 6 stone, will still not convince them that they need to eat more.

Low self-esteem  and a feeling of being powerless drives anorexics to control their food intake. This gives them a (false) sense of being in control of their lives.

Sufferers of anorexia feel the need to control their weight and food intake in an excessive way. They do this in a number of different ways - not necessarily all of these listed below are done by each sufferer:

  • dramatically reducing the amount of food they eat - almost starving themselves

  • exercising obsessively

  • using laxatives

  • making themselves sick

  • pretending to eat or lying about eating

  • structuring exactly where, when and what they eat

Common signs and symptoms of anorexia:

  • rituals with/around eating e.g. not eating with others

  • preoccupation with food and the nutritional content

  • self critical especially with their body image

  • lack of energy

  • mood swings

  • lack of concentration and poor memory

  • rotting teeth and gum disease due to the excessive vomiting

  • bowel problems due to regular use of laxatives

  • sore throat due to regular acidic sickness

  • lack of periods due to low body weight and energy levels

Symptoms that can lead to anorexia:

Overcome bulimia in Falmouth

Bulimia is also an eating disorder, however it is driven by compulsive thinking and acting, i.e. wanting to do something immediately in an effort to overcome their negative/bad feeling at the time.

Often the sufferer will crave food and eat vast quantities of it i.e. binge (the compulsive behaviour). Due to the frequent excessive eating they tend not to be underweight but either normal weight or slightly overweight.

The intake of food gives the sufferer a "high" or boost, for example the feeling we get after eating chocolate or something with high fat or sugar content. But after that moment in time they start to feel really guilty and wish they hadn't eaten it. They then worry that they will put on weight so try to get rid of it. The most common way of getting rid of the food in their stomach is through making themselves sick. Alternatively, they may take excessive amounts of laxatives to make the food pass through their system quickly.

Learning to Thrive with Ali will develop the strong psychological foundation stones that will allow someone to feel much better about themselves and enable them to cope in any situations - thus not getting down or stressed and therefore removing the need to compulsively eat.
The Thrive Programme will also provide an understanding and awareness of all their thinking - allowing someone to effectively manage their thinking instead of feeling controlled and manipulated by it.

Common signs and symptoms of bulimia:

  • eating massive quantities in one sitting

  • disappearing to the bathroom shortly after eating

  • puffy cheeks

  • scars or calluses on the hands from sticking fingers down the throat

  • sore throat

  • rotting teeth and gum disease from frequent vomiting

  • weight fluctuation

  • lack of periods

Symptoms that can lead to bulimia:

How the Thrive Programme helps eating disorders

The Thrive Programme is a very effective treatment for eating disorders. This training programme is particularly good because anorexics and bulimics tend to obsess and want to control aspects of their lives - The Thrive Programme allows you to overcome this and manage your thinking in a healthy way. Learning and understanding your thinking styles, self esteem, social anxiety, obssessional and compulsive behaviour puts you in control of your thoughts, stress and worries. The training program, at Thrive with Ali in Falmouth and Truro, increases self esteem and puts you back in control of your thinking instead of being controlled by it. This can completely change the way you think and feel about yourself - changing your life and helping resolve your anorexia and/or bulimia, in only 6 weeks.

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