Self-esteem and low confidence can be improved

Self-esteem and low confidence can be improved

Self-esteem and Confidence help

I can help you to improve low self-esteem and low confidence quickly. Welcoming enquiries from Falmouth, Truro, St. Austell and Exeter.

What is self-esteem?

Self-esteem is purely what you think of yourself now. It is based on both positive and negative thoughts and beliefs about yourself. It is your self-worth, self-belief and feelings about you as a person.

Do you think you are good enough, capable enough, good looking enough, intelligent enough.....?  If you answered NO to one or more of these then your self-esteem will not as high as it needs to be.

When you feel that you are not worthy, then you will look for evidence to support your belief. This means that you only pick up on things that maintain this belief, rather than all the helpful, positive evidence that could boost self-esteem. You are in an unhelpful loop of negativity about yourself.

The Thrive program definitely started to change the way I was thinking straight away, I started to focus on the positive, boosting my self confidence, which meant I would focus less and less on my issues and actively keep them within my control. Within a few weeks I was able to start socialising with friends and going out again and start being like my old self.
— Anonymous

How self-esteem affects people

Low self-esteem means that you don't feel good enough, for whatever reason. When you feel this way you will worry what other people will think of you - this is social anxiety. It feels like you are being judged by others. When you don't feel confident in situations you will feel anxious instead. You may also avoid some situations, for example going to a party or meeting new people. Low self-esteem can also cause a fear of failure, so you may not believe that you can succeed in something, are fearful that you will fail, so don't attempt it. 

On maternity leave and with 2 young children I felt I’d lost my identity, lost control of my life and felt negative and anxious all the time. I can’t thank Alison enough for introducing me to Thrive and guiding me through the programme with such compassion and understanding. I’m now in control of my life again and feel great!
— Jen, Nottingham
Improvement in self-esteem in 6 weeks

Can self-esteem be improved?

Effective and simple help for self-esteem and confidence is possible with The Thrive Programme. You will learn all about self-esteem, how you have created your own self-esteem and how to improve it. In a few weeks you can feel totally different; much happier with yourself and your life.

The graph to the right shows that only after 6 weeks your self-esteem can rise from 15% to 85%. It is simple to do.


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