Children and teenagers can overcome anxiety, depression & low self-esteem

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Do you worry that your child is not happy, feeling anxious or stressed and not coping well?


What does Thrive for Teenagers & Children help with?

Children and teenagers are faced with many challenges in life, a lot of them related to social and performance pressures. Often they can feel judged by others, or feel shy and unable to speak up for themselves. With low self-esteem they can be fearful of not fitting in or not being good enough, comparing themselves to their peers. In addition, they can start to avoid new activities, places, meeting people or challenging situations.


Ali Scobbie works with teenagers and children in Falmouth and Truro – if you live further afield, sessions are available via Skype.

Children & Teenagers can overcome anxiety

Children & Teenagers can overcome anxiety

Thrive for teenagers & children is especially good for resolving:

Thrive for Teenagers & Children will teach your child:

  • How their mind and body interact

  • To manage their thinking – noticing how they are thinking and having a much greater awareness of their thoughts and how helpful or unhelpful they are

  • How their beliefs are formed (i.e. the rules that they hold that determines how they think about and react to every situation)

  • How their thinking affects their reactions, feelings and anxiety towards situations

  • Self-esteem and sense of power and control impacts anxiety levels

  • How to build their self-esteem and sense of power and control/resilience

  • To prevent stress and anticipatory anxiety

How Thrive for Teenagers & Children works

Thrive for Teenagers & Children is a slightly simpler version of the adult Thrive Programme, broken down in to smaller, shorter exercises. This programme is aimed at children aged approximately 8-18 years. Teenagers and children can overcome anxiety of any sort with this programme.

  • This is a very powerful, six to eight session training programme that helps you and your child to really understand themselves.

  • They will understand their beliefs and the thinking that is causing their anxiety and symptoms.

  • Once they have that insight, it empowers children, realising that they can change their situation.

  • The programme teaches children how to increase their self-esteem, feel more in control and able to cope with lifes challenges.

  • Children can overcome anxiety easily and have the tools to help them throughout their life.

Furthermore, for children under the age of 16, it is beneficial if one or both parents be present in the sessions. Because this will help you to gain the understanding of why your child has the issues they have, enabling you to help and support them outside of the sessions. Very often, frustrated and upset parents come to me not knowing how to best help their children. Learning all this together brings better understanding, closer relationships and a thriving family.

The Thrive Programme is a life-changing training programme that empowers you with the skills and resources to take control of your life, overcome any symptoms and thrive!

Before going to see Alison, I was suffering from social anxiety and panic attacks. It got to the point in which, I rarely left the house and wouldn’t go into social situations. Missing out on all the things teenagers would do was hard; as well as missing tonnes of college. From the very first session with Alison, things started to get better and progress was made. Alison is a warm, friendly individual who is very easy to talk too.
With Alison’s’ help, guidance and support she gave me different techniques and methods to use to help deal with different social situations. Using the basis of black and white thinking and reflecting on situations where good things have come out of it. At first, I didn’t think it’d benefit BUT when using the methods, things became a lot easier to deal with and now my perspective of situations has changed.
Going from being isolated and not attending college; I’m now studying sports massage therapy, a Kinesiology practitioner and gaining work experience with a UK professional cycling team in this area of work. I’m now never missing social situations and throwing myself into everything that I do. It’s all thanks to Alison, without her, I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing now. Thank you!
— Katie Godwin

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