What is The Thrive Programme?

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The Thrive Programme is a totally different approach to mental health. It is not therapy, counselling or psychotherapy. Instead it is a simple, training programme that teaches you how to take control of your life and overcome any symptoms or difficulties you are having.

It was developed in the UK by Rob Kelly - he and a team from Cambridge University researched all the differences between someone who is thriving and someone who is not. Rob believed that the reason anyone gets better from whatever treatment or therapy they have, is because their thinking has changed.

What is Thriving?

Thriving is about flourishing in life, regardless of where you are or what you’re doing, what your past experiences were like, what your relationships are like, how much money you have, or what skills you have. It’s about fine tuning your mind and body to get the very best from them
— Rob Kelly
Change in Self esteem and social confidence

The Thrive Programme teaches you every aspect of thinking and gives you the tools and activities that lead you to thrive. As a result of learning to thrive you can overcome any anxiety related problems you may have, such as phobias, OCD, depression and social anxiety. In addition, even if you feel you don’t really have any key symptoms you can learn to enjoy life to the full, reaching your full potential and loving life.

This quick training programme improves your core psychological strengths:

  • self-esteem

  • social confidence

  • a sense of power and control, including coping skills (SPACE)

The diagram to the right shows just how much people’s SPACE, self-esteem and social confidence can improve having been through The Thrive Programme. Starting off at 15% and increasing to 85% in just 6 weeks.

Help is available for clients located in Falmouth, Truro and St. Austell (and surrounding areas) and if you life further afield, sessions are available via Skype.

The Thrive Programme - how it works

  • In around 6-8 sessions you are taught how to become very aware of your thinking and behaviour and completely alter the way you think

  • You will have a workbook to read and complete exercises in

  • We work face to face in weekly sessions

  • We cover topics such as self-esteem, social confidence and your sense of power and control and coping skills.

  • You become empowered and believe that YOU CAN overcome your problems, stress, fears and other hurdles, by recognising how your own thoughts and beliefs were causing your problems.

Thrive programme in action

The Thrive Programme will teach you to know and understand:

  • How your mind and body interact

  • How to manage your thinking – noticing how you are thinking and having much greater awareness of your thoughts

  • How your belief systems are formed (i.e. the rules you have that determine how you think about and react to everything)

  • How your thinking styles affect your reaction, feelings and anxiety in situations

  • The impact of self esteem and sense of control on anxiety levels and thinking styles

  • How to prevent stress and anticipatory anxiety


Symptoms the Thrive Programme can resolve

Thrive Workbook - Thrive with Ali


How can The Thrive Programme work for me?

This is your opportunity to change your life, for the rest of your life, so it is worth throwing yourself in 100%, for the short period of time needed to complete the programme.
It’s only 6-8 weeks versus the rest of your life!

To be successful at anything in life you need three main components:

1. Belief – in the process, Ali (your Thrive Consultant) or yourself to successfully get through the programme.
To start with you may not have belief in yourself that this will work or that you can do it, so that is where I come in. From all The Thrive Programme testimonials and meeting me, you should have a belief in one or other, or both.  As you move through the programme and see the results of your efforts,  belief in yourself will grow.

2. Resources and skills – these you will learn through The Thrive Programme, for example, tuning in to your thinking or using your imagination.

3. Effort – this is vital! – The biggest factor to ensure success is EFFORT. 10% of the programme is the knowledge you need and 90% is the effort that you put in. As a result of putting in a bit of effort to start with, you will see the results, then you will be motivated to put a substantial effort in, because you will believe that you can do it and it will work.

The effort you will need to put in is:

– Reading at home and rereading the workbook
– Doing the exercises/tasks, completely and as regularly as advised
– Taking the time to ensure that you fully understand everything
– Noting comments and reminders within your book or a note book

4. Weekly sessions – ideally we should meet weekly, to keep momentum going, keep it fresh in your mind and so that I can support you at regular intervals if you are struggling. Furthermore, this is a good period of time to ensure that you can read the chapter, digest what we have covered and practice the tasks assigned.

Please bring your workbook to each session.


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